Friends! Welcome to this week’s inventory! We’ve got a beer by Sam Adams that’s so high in ABV that it’s been banned in 11 states and tastes more like Cognac than beer.

Welcome to this week’s roundup of the industry news. We’ve got: alcohol that might be boosting the bible belt’s economy, Bushmills is revving up its German PR activities,

‘twas the night before Easter (Monday) when all through the house (bar scene) not a creature (bartender) was stirring. Forgive our puny attempt at turning our inventory into a holiday-themed poetry,

Happy summer all! This week a Oklahoma bar manager was jailed for three days for infusing vodka with bacon, Forbes took a look at how the Brexit could affect the whisky industry,

This week Amaury Cepeda won the Havana Grand Prix, Brew Berlin announced that it will be doubling its surface at this year’s Bar Convent Berlin,

Welcome back to this week’s industry news! Germany’s World Class Finale winner Noureddine Elmoussaoui is all ready to pack his bags and represent in Miami this September,

Count the bottles and stack ‘em up, it’s time for this week’s inventory: Schwarze und Schlichte takes over distribution for Sobieski vodka,