Brlo Best Beer Restaurants in Berlin

The Top Five Beer Restaurants in Berlin

The Hauptstadt’s beer scene is booming. And so is the list of beer restaurants in Berlin. Are you looking for a good night out? Here are our top five picks for a great bite and a cold one. Guten Appetit!

It’s hard to imagine that just six years ago there wasn’t much of an independent beer scene here in Berlin. Shortly afterwards, Kreuzberg’s fantastic Hopfenreich got things started on the bar side, whilst local breweries such as Brlo, Berliner Berg, Heidenpeters, and Rollberg got brewing. Berlin’s food scene was also one focused on quick – albeit often delicious – street eats, rather than a fully-fledged restaurant culture.

The Best Beer Restaurants in Berlin

Germany’s capital today is a different beast: restaurant openings are a dime a dozen and the beer scene, previously much in thrall to the Reinheitsgebot, has loosened up considerably. And the beer restaurants in Berlin that straddle both scenes are a diverse, exciting bunch, incorporating brewhouse hybrids, classic eateries, and even Asian cuisine.

Brlo Brwhouse: hometown glory

It would be churlish not to mention Brlo, named after the Slavic term for Berlin, and arguably Berlin’s most famous creative beer brewer. The Brlo Brwhouse is a heady mix of brewery, restaurant, and bar, located in some repurposed shipping containers beside Gleisdreieck park. Along with the park itself, Brlo Brwhouse is part of a highly successful example of urban renewal in the German hauptstadt.
The tripartite food menu places a heavy focus on the humble vegetable, although there’s a small meat section, too. Guests pick a vegetable dish – options include wild broccoli, burrata, or pumpkin – and then add a side and something on top. Toppings include such adventurous options as German kimchi or mushroom-savoy-cabbage roulade.
On the topic of the good stuff, they’ve got their own beers as well as others on tap, including collaborations and new releases. A recent visit saw the moreish and intriguing The Hoppiest Barrack (their IPA team up with New England’s Mad Scientist) added to the menu, whilst regular tours mean that the Brwhouse is educational as well as fun.
Brlo Brwhouse, Schöneberger Str. 16, 10963, Berlin

Salt ‘n’ Bone: mighty meaty

Considering Berlin’s reputation for late-night revelry, it’s surprising the gastropub took so long to make its way here. But it’s a welcome new trend in the German capital, with a raft of new beer bars also offering great grub.
Salt ‘n’ Bone, owned by three Irish expats, is located in the center of Prenzlauer Berg, an area packed with baby strollers, organic supermarkets, and (increasingly) top eateries. Focused heavily on burgers, ribs, and sliders, there’s a hearty – albeit meat-heavy – menu. Their lip-smacking scotch eggs come particularly recommended. All of which makes a fitting partnership with their extensive selection of beers, which includes five taps and, on a recent visit, even extended to Lindemann’s arresting 2015 collaboration with Mikkeller, the Spontanbasil. The kitchen follows a standard restaurant schedule, open until 11pm, but don’t worry: you can stay and drink here until the early hours.
Salt ‘n’ Bone, Schliemannstr. 31, 10437, Berlin

Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Berlin: US touchdown

This US beer behemoth has made its presence felt in Berlin since it touched down in 2016 in the suburb of Mariendorf on the outskirts of Berlin. Beyond wowing beer drinkers, Stone Brewing is an awards darling too. In fact, Stone Brewing Berlin came first in Beer Gastronomy at the Beer Bars & Brewers Top 50 Awards last year, as well as netting a spot in the top 10 for breweries.
Stone Brewing Berlin is much more than just hype though: There’s the 2,400 square meter grandstanding main hall or visitors after something a bit cozier can head to the Library Bar and its 25 taps. All well-worth the train ride, particularly in the joyful summer months when everything spills out into the well-maintained, organic gardens. Stone Brewing definitely belongs in our list of the best beer restaurants in Berlin.
Stone Brewing Bistro and Gardens, Im Marienpark 23, 12107, Berlin

Das Meisterstück: living up to its name

Its name means “the masterpiece,” and that’s an apt description. Das Meisterstück makes you feel immediately at home within its warm, rustic dining room, filled with old-fashioned wooden furniture and long, red rugs.
Das Meisterstück is focused on authenticity everywhere: sausages are made by their butchers, and the bread is baked in-house. There’s no arguing that the organic slow-cooked menu makes a perfect combination for the more than 100 beers on offer.
There’s some good news for those out in Berlin’s west. Das Meisterstück now has a new location on Berlin’s famous shopping street, Kurfürstendamm. And that’s not all. Bavarian beer lovers can also experience the hospitality of Das Meisterstück at two locations in Munich. Prost!
Das Meisterstück, Hausvogteiplatz 3-4, 10117, Berlin

Da Jia Le: surprisingly creative

It’s easy to miss Da Jia Le, located inconspicuously on an unremarkable main street in Schöneberg. But this is no beer-based speakeasy. Chintzy like a school hall, and adorned with chandeliers, paper lanterns, colored walls, and Chinese art, Da Jia Le doesn’t have the look of a creative beer place at all. Then again, neither does its extensive Northern Chinese influenced menu.
It only takes a glance at the drinks menu to realize there is a real beer aficionado behind this. There are beers from local purveyors Rollberg, as well as more than 20 others, including the likes of Bavarian brewery Hanscraft & Co. With plenty of big tables equipped with rotating Lazy Susans, it’s the perfect place for big groups looking for a boozy, gluttonous, and tastebud-expanding meal. If it comes to beer restaurants in Berlin Da Jia Le is not to be missed.
Da Jia Le, Goebenstraße 23, 10783, Berlin

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