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BCB speakers portrait: John Gakuru

Bars & Menschen 15.8.2008

The Global Brand Ambassador for Sagatiba Cachaça looks back to a long history of bartending, including his management of London’s famous Lab Bar.

Nowadays he travels the world, helping to improve the image of the Brazilian national spirit Cachaça through inspiring trainings.

Why are you coming to the Bar Convent Berlin and what is your presentation “The history of Cachaça – The Soul of Brasil” going to be about?

The BCB has very quickly established itself as one of the key bar shows in Europe and as such it is vital that I am there, working with Sagatiba, to inspire Germany’s top bartenders and try to transmit our Pure Spirit of Brasil message.

What is your job as brand ambassador of Sagatiba like and why do you do it?

I think I have one of the best jobs in the world! I work all around the world in an interesting industry and I love to work with people that constantly challenge and delight me.

What role did the Lab bar play in your career?

LAB provided the platform for me to build an international reputation. Therefore, it has been a pivotal role in my career.

Which countries and bars have you visited recently?

I was just in New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail and had such a fantastic time. It is such a joy to spend quality time with our industry’s most influential players.

Which has been your favorite spirit or cocktail lately?

I had a Clover Club in Montgomery Place a couple of nights ago that was sensational!!

Thank you for the interview, John.







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