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BCB speakers portrait: Mauro Mahjoub

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The countdown is running, just 8 weeks to go until the second Bar Convent Berlin will take place.

We have again invited a couple of influential professionals, even some more than the year before. These experts will be introduced in more detail within the next weeks in our new series "BCB speaker portraits".

We will begin with Mauro Mahjoub, the bar multi talent from Munich with Italian descent.

The busy co-owner of Munich’s renowned Negroni Bar, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary, nowadays is barely seen behind the stick. He holds one of the world’s largest antique bar book collections and has won several bar awards.

Furthermore he is brand ambassador for Campari and in cooperation with Campari Germany just opened the Campari Academy, a training institute for bartenders in Munich. Additionally he travels the world, doing training on location for the Italian brand.


Mauro, why are you coming to Bar Convent?

Because it is one of the most interesting bar shows for bartenders, very professional and informative.

Why did you call your bar Negroni and what’s special about it?

We called the bar Negroni, because this is a classic cocktail and positions us as classic American bar. Furthermore the Negroni is Italian.

What’s the goal of the „Campari Academy“ and what are your responsibilities there?

I am co-owner of the academy in cooperation with Campari Germany. We want to offer advanced training for bartenders and create a melting pot for discussions about bar related matters. The multi-level courses include tastings and research possibilities, moreover we offer seminars regarding Campari’s product range.

How many bar books do you own? Which are of special importance to you?

I own around 2000 bar books. The ones from the years 1850 till about 1930 are most important to me, because they reveal the true history of bars.

What is at the moment your favorite spirit and your preferred cocktail?

My favorite spirit is rum and the cocktail I love the most is the Tea Punch. In wintertime I enjoy Whiskey a lot and drink Mint Juleps quite often.

Mauro, we thank you for the interview.




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