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True Originals: Bacardi has released "The Hummingbird"

Porträts 27.1.2010 1 Kommentar

The second viral of the "True Originals" series has been published on Youtube. It features a bartender in a club bar preparing a Pina Colada.

Following the success of the first Bacardi viral "The Samurai" among bartending professionals, Bacardi has now released the second part of the series. A bartender called "The Hummingbird" prepares a Pina Colada for the mystery customer, we know from the first video. The movements of the bartender and the method of preparation are pretty spectacular for such a mainstream drink. One would love to see this live at a neighbourhood bar.

This is very unlikely though. Still it is fun to watch. The actress in the video has been trained by Bacardi Global Brand Ambassador David Cordoba. There’s another video in the pipeline of "Think Espionage" (the agency behind the virals) featuring a barman in the style of an apothecary


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