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Famous LeNells Spirits Shop in New York to close

Uncategorized 6.2.2009

People in the industry had been passing on the news for a couple of months, that LeNells famous spirits shop in New York was to close down soon. LeNell has been featured in a number of articles in Mixology magazine and attended Bar Convent Berlin 2007 as a speaker. As speculations and rumours took overhand, LeNell has now sent out a newsletter to friends in the business, where she explained what’s happening over the next couple of months:

Near six years ago I signed a lease to open my shop in Red Hook. My
time in this current space is officially coming to an end, celebrating
the grande finale at 416 Van Brunt Friday, February 20th from
12pm-9pm. It has been incredibly
difficult to find the perfect new home, but I have faith that if this
ole Virgo can be patient, a kick ass new location will be secured in
proper timing that will accommodate a bigger, better store AND my bar.

LeNell will use her free time to update her bartending skills, as she further stated. She’ll be working alongside skilled bartenders in Europe. Montgomery Place in London and Door 74 in Amsterdam will be her first two stations. From what I heard, stops in Munich and Berlin will follow. An article on the blog ‚Eater‘ gives a few insights into the recent developments around the most famous spirits shop in the Western hemisphere.

Link: www.lenells.com

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