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A sip of Optimism by Compass Box Whisky

Uncategorized 25.2.2009

Scotch whisky makers Compass Box are filling optimism in bottles. In times of recession, the new and limited vatted malt Optimism is meant to restimulate feelings of hope, as John Glaser, founder of Compass Box says: "The more that people are optimistic about the future, the faster we will pull ourselves out of this depressed economic state. This is our small effort to try to help the world economy."

American ex-pat John Glaser started the Compass Box Whisky Company from the kitchen of his west London home in 2000, after leaving his job as marketing director for Johnnie Walker in London. His new and innovative approach on blended Scotch whisky won him high aclaim in the industry.

Optimism will be launched exclusively at the Whisky Live Show in London, "arguably the city hit hardest by the global financial meltdown", as the press release states. It will be limited to 170 bottles and actually bottled on location "in the spirit of recessionary cost cutting measures". Compass Box describes the vatted malt Scotch whisky to be of rich, sweet and peaty character. It’ll be bottled at 44 percent and available for £40 per bottle.

Link: www.compassboxwhisky.com

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