Woodford Reserve at Bar Convent Berlin 2015

“American Whiskey” at Bar Convent Berlin 2015: Woodford Reserve is coming to town and MIXOLOGY ONLINE gives you the chance to win a “Meet & Greet” with Master Distiller Chris Morris.

The US state of Kentucky is situated right in the heartland of the country, crisscrossed by rivers and sectioned off in fields planted with corn and rye. The “Bluegrass State”, like the whiskey it produces, is steeped in tradition and knowledge passed down over generations. Woodford Reserve brings all of this together: loving attention to detail, top quality pure regional ingredients like the locally grown corn, rye and barley malt and distilling expertise going back for generations. The water from Glenn Creek, the basis for Woodford Reserve, is iron-free and high in calcium. The Woodford Reserve distillery on the banks of the creek uniquely distills this distinctive bourbon three times in copper pot stills.

Bluegrass & bourbon

After distillation Woodford Reserve ages in handmade American white oak casks stored in small stone warehouses. But making great whiskey also takes a great Master Distiller, like Woodford Reserve’s Chris Morris. Chris decides when the bourbon has aged long enough and which casks to use to create a special blend. Chris Morris has spent the majority of his professional life working in the world of American whiskey, a Morris family tradition now into its third generation. Chris has been a Master Distiller since 2004, and it was he who introduced the Woodford Reserve Master Collection.

Win a “Meet & Greet”

Anyone in Europe eager for a taste of Kentucky need only make it as far as Berlin this coming October, where Woodford Reserve will bring the Bluegrass State to the 2015 edition of the Bar Convent Berlin. The bar industry pros attending the fair will have the chance on October 6th and 7th to explore the topic of “American Whiskey” for themselves together with Woodford Reserve. This special theme will host no less than nine presentations by an international roster of bartenders demonstrating the diverse range of possibilities for using Woodford Reserve in cocktails and long drinks, as well as “straight up” or “on the rocks” for the purists out there.

For a special highlight Chris Morris will also be in Berlin at the BCB Demonstration Bar to discuss whiskey innovations and drinks, accompanied by expert bartenders to translate his ideas into cocktails. You can download the booklet detailing more info about Woodford Reserve and this masterful bourbon’s appearance at the BCB as a PDF file here.

And if you’d like to meet Chris personally, now’s your chance! Enter to win one of ten “Meet & Greets” organized by Woodford Reserve and MIXOLOGY ONLINE on October 6th. Your entrance to the Bar Convent Berlin 2015 is covered and you can have a personal face-to-face with Chris Morris. Winners are responsible for organizing their trip to Berlin and the BCB on their own. We will draw ten winners at random from all of the entries received which also include your contact information by September 23rd, 2015 at [email protected]. Good luck!