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MIXOLOGY, the magazine for bar culture, is published six times a year. We offer two types of subscription services.

Note: the magazine is published solely in German.

Readers who reside in Germany can subscribe to the magazine for € 48. The subscription rate for readers who live in Austria, Switzerland, and other countries is € 65. These prices include legal value added tax. We’d like to point out that subscribers to the print magazine do not have access to the paid content on MIXOLOGY ONLINE.

If you’re a resident of Germany, you’re able to pay via money transfer or direct debit. If you subscribe to MIXOLOGY via the form below, you’ll receive the relevant information. Please note that MIXOLOGY subscriptions are not managed by Mixology Verlags GmbH, but by Tagesspiegel GmbH. If you have any questions about your subscription service, please reach out to our colleagues at Tagesspiegel via Remember to always state your customer/subscription number during any communication. 

As soon as you’ve filled and sent us the form below, you’ll receive an automatic email that confirms that we’ve received it. (Please note that the emails are sent to us unencrypted, and thus may be inspected by third parties.) You’ll receive your invoice with payment information via post with the newest issue of MIXOLOGY.

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