What are alcohol-free spirits? Does that product category even exist? We have all the answers.

The revival of Gin has been a never-ending twentieth century story: a true comeback for the ages. Now a mainstay on cocktail menus around the world, we’ve rounded up five

Thinking about next year’s trade calendar? The bar scene in Eastern Europe is growing and there’s a bunch of events fighting for the spotlight. 

With every passing year, the beverage biz is becoming more global. One of the clearest signs of that is the Barproof Awards. 

The Mixology Bar Awards long list for Best Bar Spirit/Product is jam-packed with excellence. Thus we thought it was high time to shine a spotlight on the European bar spirits

The eternal city of Rome didn’t have a reputation for cocktails until later than other cities of its stature. 

We’ve got Kiev on our mind as we prepare for our visit to the Barometer Bar Show. Mixology author Andrew Wilkin will be covering the event for Mixology and has found out why you shouldn’t miss the three-year-old event staking its claim as a global bar show. 

The spring temperatures have been scorching in Northern Europe. As we segue in summer, it’s time to have a rooftop cocktail. Here are our favorites in our home city of Berlin. 

The Mint Gun Club seems like an old-fashioned colonial outpost in the heart of the former empire. But Rich Hunt’s new bar offers drinks for more than just an evening tipple. 

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Writer, bartender, historian, consultant: Fernando Castellon is a bar industry all-rounder. France’s jack-of-all-trades talks cocktail history, Lyon’s bar scene, bartender outfits, and more. 

The Hauptstadt's beer scene is booming. And so is the list of beer restaurants in Berlin. Are you looking for a good night out?

European bar shows are growing bigger than ever. With so many events to choose from, your calendar is packed tighter than a well-stocked bar fridge. That’s why we’ve picked out the European bar shows you don’t want to miss in 2018.