Let the Boomerang begin! Meet Kratena and Velasquez at BCB 2019

Let the Boomerang begin!

Havana Club calls bartenders from all over the world to join the Havana Club Cocktail Boomerang to celebrate Día del Cantinero – the Day of the Bartender

Giffard Alkoholfrei

The 7th October marks an important day in the Cuban bar industry – El Día del Cantinero, the Day of the Bartender. Here’s how Havana Club plans to celebrate.

Cuba. May 1924. The course of bartending in Cuba was changed forever with the establishment of the El Club de Cantineros de la República de Cuba (The Cuban Bartenders Club), an organization founded to foster bartender growth and to help it to be recognized as a serious profession. They came up with many successful ideas over the last century and El Día del Cantinero (the Day of the Bartender), celebrated every year on the 7th October, is arguably one of their most visible.

Sending the Cocktail Boomerang around the World

Always proud of its Cuban rum making heritage, Havana Club is looking forward to celebrating bartenders again this year. Just last year the globally iconic rum makers started a new tradition on the day, with the very first Havana Club Global Cocktail Boomerang – a truly global event that saw cocktails delivered from London to Cuba, from Mexico to Japan. It’s a simple, but genius premise. The Boomerang begins when a bartender prepares a drink, as usual. Except this time, instead of serving it to a customer in the bar, they send it to another bar.

The drink, poured into special Havana Club Cocktail Boomerang bottle, has a note with all the drink details attached to it and is then sent by Havana Club to another great bar in the city. And then the cycle begins again, as the receiving bar creates a Boomerang cocktail and sends it onto the next bartender. A nifty idea based on both individual innovation and community, you can even win yourself a Boomerang Cocktail Kit by entering the competition on Havana Club’s Instagram.

Let the Boomerang begin! Meet Kratena and Velasquez at BCB 2019
Carina Soto Velasquez
Let the Boomerang begin! Meet Kratena and Velasquez at BCB 2019
Alex Kratena

Two new rums by two bartending legends

That’s not it! The celebration continues at the BCB on Tuesday 8th October, with the launch of two forward-thinking new rums that are both made in collaboration with bartenders and made for bartenders.

Two industry titans will take to the stage to discuss two new expressions they have developed with Havana Club. Get excited: multi-award winning bartender, owner of Tayer & Elementary bar, London and formerly Head Bartender of Artesian, Alex Kratena, and bartender and co-founder of hospitality group Quixotic Projects, Carina Soto Velasquez, are coming to Berlin to showcase this new collaboration.

The two rums are the official follow up to last year’s Havana Club Professional Edition A and B, and will be used in the cocktails of the Boomerang. The new rums, which will be unveiled at Bar Convent Berlin, are designed to push rum boundaries and to inspire bartenders to create iconic and inventive cocktails using Havana Club Rum

Meet Kratena and Velasquez at BCB 2019!

Winners of the aforementioned Instagram competition will also receive an exclusive bottle of Havana Club Professional Edition C&D to celebrate Día del Cantinero. Moreover, if you are lucky to be attending this year’s BCB jamboree, then don’t miss out on Alex Kratena and Carina Soto Velasquez discussing the expressions (”Flavour Revolution Meets Rum Tradition”) at Demonstration Bar A between 3:45-4:30 p.m. We can’t wait: let the Boomerang begin!

Giffard Alkoholfrei


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