Inventory for August 30th, 2015

Welcome to this week’s inventory! We’ve counted the bottles and tidied the racks. This week a new gin is launched in support of “Malaria No More UK​”, Constellation Brands invents in Crafthouse Cocktails, lovers of the sloe berry are in for a treat this year, Grey Goose VX Vodka Exeptionnelle is now available in Germany, NY bar Milk & Honey pays tribute to the late, great Sasha Petraske.

Now just a lover of spirits, are we? You’re in luck! Kreuzberg’s Markthalle Neun will play host to the the Berlin Coffee Festival from September 4th to 6th 2015. The festival will be attended by roasters and brewers who are eager to explain their ways to attentive, seasoned coffee drinkers. Expect to find a well curated selection of workshops and tastings as well as explanations to the origins of cupping and how coffee beans are roasted. Find more information here.

1) 1897 Quinine Gin Supporting Malaria No More UK​

Since discovering how malaria is transmitted, the past 15 years have seen child deaths been halved. And yet, one child still dies of malaria every minute.

New product 1897 Quinine Gin wants to support the fight against the disease by supporting Malaria No More UK and “donating over half of the producer’s profit (at least £5) for every bottle sold.” The gin is made using Cinchona Bark (the traditional source of quinine, which has been used as an antimalarial for centuries), which heavily contributes to the overall flavor profile of the finished gin. Thirteen other, traditional gin, botanicals round out the flavor profile. Including, but not limited to, juniper, coriander, angelica, orris, and liquorice.

The money donated for each bottle is enough to buy, deliver, and hang a mosquito net for an African family living at risk of malaria. 1897 Quinine Gin will be available for purchase online at Master of Malt and Amazon.

2) Constellation Brands invents in Crafthouse Cocktails

The former The Aviary bar manager and World Class winner Charly Joly has been doing quite alright with his range of bottled cocktails. Launched in 2013, Crafthouse Cocktails sold 7,500 9-liter cases last year.

These sales numbers, together with the name and branding behind it, have attracted the attention of beverage giant Constellation Brands, which will invest “ in approximately one third of Crafthouse Cocktails and will get one of five seats on Crafthouse Cocktails’ board.”

3) A good Year for Sloe Gin Aficionados

Ain’t no berry like a sloe berry, cuz’ a slow berry is mandatory. Excuse the (bad) pun but we’re EXCITED! The Telegraph reports that due to an unseasonably wet August, sloe berries are ripe for the picking already and “foraging experts are predicting a bumper haul of the berries this year”.

That means loads of sloe gin and liqueurs in our future folks!

4) Grey Goose VX Vodka Exeptionnelle available in Germany

Grey Goose VX Vodka, which pairs the French vodka with a cognac made from France’s Ugni Blanc grape, which is specifically grown for cognac in Grande Champagne, is now readily available in Germany.

Founder François Thibault grew up in this area, which is known for producing the world’s best cognacs, and it is where he developed his passion for spirits. The vodka is said to have a harmonious balance between white blossoms, fruit, and wild honey.

5) Pay Tribute to Bartending Legend Sasha Petraske

On Friday, the 21st of August the world lost a bartending legend. The founder of New York’s Milk & Honey Sasha Petraske was only 42 when he was found dead in his home. Earlier this week announced how fans can celebrate the life of the famed bartender.

On Monday, the 31st of August, the team at Milk & Honey have organized a tribute to Petraske, which will take place from 9-10pm. Even if you can’t be there in person, the team invites fans around the world to toast to Petraske from 9-10pm local time, wherever you are. Preferably with a Daiquiri, as that was his favorite drink.


Foto: Two Women via Shutterstock.

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