Inventory for February 12th, 2017

Welcome back gang! This week we got news on Ysabel Regina’s Fusion Competition, Jim Meehan talks about the importance of etiquette in his new book, the New York Times dives into a new trend: liquor companies and expanding their range into mixers, and Adam Levine (!!) and rock musician Sammy Hager invent a new product: it’s called the mezquila (this is the first, and best instance, where the use of “I just can’t even” is 100% appropriate). Cheers! We hope you’ll be drinking better stuff than above mentioned mezquila this weekend!

Not sure what booze to serve on Tuesday? (which is Valentine’s Day you heathens) has compiled a list of the perfect creamy, boozy, rich bottles to serve to your sweetheart. Be it a dog, or a actual human being (JK guys – we do not endorse serving alcohol to animals). In the spirit of this week’s apparent “let’s mix things with tequila theme”, we’ll choose the 1921 Crema de Tequila. “Made in Mexico and tequila-based, this cream liqueur channels dulce de leche and super smooth lattes, with a coffee-accented aroma and flavor and just a flicker of cinnamon”. Yes please.

Ysabel Regina Fusion Competition

Ysabel Regina, “the assemblage of gran reserva brandies and VSOP cognacs aged for over 12 months in Pedro Ximénez barrels”, is organizing a contest named Ysabel Regina Fusion Competition. Jazz music is meant to be the inspiration behind the cocktails entered as Ysabel Regina is “looking for the bartender who creates the best mix based on music”. The participating countries are the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. The contest has three different categories, all based on music: rock jazz seeks innovation in cocktails fused with teapots, flamenco jazz seeks to reinvent the classic cocktail and the third category of pop jazz picks up the rhythm seeking a long drink that will leave our mouths open. The winner will travel to New Orleans for the Tales of the Cocktail. Good luck to all! More information here.

Jim Meehan and The Importance of Etiquette

Last week, Jim Meehan gave Lucky Peach an exclusive excerpt from his new book “Mehaan’s Bartender Manual”. In it he explains the importance of etiquette (making people feel comfortable) and lists his top three rules. That includes welcoming your guests and offering a positive first impression by having a clean bar. He then goes on to emphasize the importance of the first impression: “The most important service step is the greeting, first and foremost. People need to be recognized when they walk into a room, whether it’s a maître d’ recognizing them, or the manager working the floor, or a bartender or server working in proximity to them. Even if it’s not their responsibility, the greeting is the magic touch. It sets the tone for everything. I teach that to all my bartenders: no matter what you’re doing—whether you’re in the middle of building a cocktail—stop what you’re doing, say hello to the guest, give them a menu, and give them a glass of water. I’m a huge fan of the glass of water and menu, as it buys you time to go back to what you’re doing, and it makes them feel appreciated and welcomed.”

(Mehaan is quoting Brian Bartels here) He ends on the topic of bribing: “Anyone who accepts a bribe in a bar or restaurant—especially at the door, before the guest enters—undermines the integrity of the rest of the staff and the ethos of the business itself, which can have grave repercussions for the business’s reputation”. Wise words.

Liquor Companies adding Mixers to their Product Range

The New York Times start their article on liquid companies that are diversifying their range with a story on how Goslings worked so hard to stake their claim on the Dark ‘n’ Stormy cocktail, even going so far as to produce their own Goslings Stormy Ginger Beer. That means that now two out of three ingredients needed for a Dark ‘n’ Stormy can be made with Goslings products. Author Robert Simonson further explores this trend, explaining how Stolichnaya has added a ginger beer to their range, Gin Mare released a tonic water, as well as Windspiel and Loopuyt who both also sell their own tonic waters.

Though said to come from a “idealistic” sense (the fact that the cocktails taste better if they’re made with mixers that are specifically made for them), these decisions also just make a whole lot of economic sense. Stolichnaya readily admits their goal, the article quotes the company’s senior vice president for innovations Mike Oringer saying “Our goal was to be a catalyst to sell more Stoli vodka”. Fair enough, no harm in that. It is, after all, a open market place. We’ll see how this trend continues to develop over the next years.

Musicians Sammy Hager and Adam Levine Launch a Tequila

Not just any tequila though, a tequila blended with mezcal (how very on trend). We can only imagine that these two have been lusting over George Clooney’s success (Casa Amigos, whaddup!). USA Today reports that the bottle is priced at $55. “Santo Mezquila is an 80-proof blend of the two spirits, both of which are distilled from agave”. The two find the taste of mezcal to be “too distinct and smoky” ( … ) so they decided to come up with a completely new product: the mezquila. It’s really amazing that two rock/pop musicians can come up with something so innovative, so wonderful, and yet the good old producers who’ve been learning and taking care of their agave plants for hundreds of years never thought of this! Who knew that Adam Levine could teach us so much?

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