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Welcome back! This week we take a look at the James Beard Award bar nominees, see what makes a relationship stronger when you work together in the industry. Furthermore we witness what weirdness Drinks Int. has made out of the 50 best classic cocktails, and Hamburg’s Boilerman Bar franchises. Cheers!

It’s February and we’re all in need of some lighthearted silliness. Take Buzzfeed’s Booze IQ test to see just how good your spirit knowledge is. The test should be pretty easy for most of you, but does throw a curveball every now and then (kinda’). Share your scores with us please!


James Beard Awards Bar Nominees

The James Beard Foundation Awards are a big deal in the States, not just for chefs and food bloggers but for the beverage industry too. Its Outstanding Bar Program award “recognizes restaurants or bars that demonstrate excellence in cocktail, spirits, and/or beer service”. has the complete list of 20 semifinalists which include: Clyde Common in Portland, Arnaud’s French 75 Bar in New Orleans, and Trick Dog in San Francisco. “The Outstanding Wine, Beer, or Spirits Professional award recognizes a person who has made a significant national impact on the restaurant industry” and the nominees include Jim Koch of the The Boston Beer Company, Boston, Aldo Sohm of Zalto Glass, New York City, and Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of the Evil Twin Brewing, Brooklyn, N.Y. See the full list here. During the next rounds the semi finalists will be whittled down to only five, after which the winners will be announced in May. 

Mates for the Soul and the Spirit…

… is how we cheesily would have titled The Spirits Business feature on “Influential Spirits Industry Couples”. TSP spoke to nine couples about how the balance out their work and private life and why sometimes, working with your partner can be both a blessing and a curse. Sonat and Robert Birnecker, founders of Koval Distillery, built the distillery just so they could work together because they feel like it functions an extension of their relationship. Chris, of Ibiza’s Hidden bar that he runs together with his wife Amanda Blanch, says “My wife and I are very much soul partners and we do everything together, so working together was a logical step forward. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t all sunshine and flowers, however we complement each other perfectly in business as well as life”. Anistatia Miller had this to say: “If you actually like someone, working with that person is the only way you’ll ever get to spend time with them. In the drinks industry, you’d better work with your loved one or find someone with a lot of patience. Otherwise you’re going to get endlessly badgered to get a nine-to-five job”. That seems like harsh, if realistic, advice.

Drinks International on The World’s 50 Best Classic Cocktails

Drinks Int “asked 100 of the world’s best bars to rank their top ten best-selling classics“ and published their results, with annotation. Here are a couple of our own annotations: first off, the Aviation has nothing to do with a Tom Collins. Secondly, describing the Vieux Carré as a “sweet-hearted Manhattan” is utterly wrong, especially regarding the Bénédictine in it. Third, most bartenders use a completely different ratio of ingredients for a Boulevardier, so calling it “a Negroni that’s subbed with American whiskey for gin” might be a little too simple. Our favorite? The image of the red Mai Tai next to a completely different recipe. Brilliant, this stroke of genius deserves some applause!

Boilerman Bar and 25hours Hotels

Well, well, well. Early this March NENI and the Boilerman Bar will be hosting a boat trip in celebration of Hamburg’s first 25hours hotel. Food, of course, provided by NENI’s Haya Molcho and drinks by Jörg Meyer’s Boilerman Bar. 25hours has opened several hotels over the last few years and NENI’s concept originated in Vienna. Rumor has it, that we’ll soon be seeing anywhere between six to eight Boilermans in 25hours hotels of the future. Interesting franchising step for Meyer.  


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