Inventory for June 5th, 2016

Welcome back to the inventory! This week BrewDog revealed the brand identity of its new distillery, a hailstorm in France is having disastrous results for this year’s wine growing season, Upsynth very successfully finished its crowdfunding campaign, Sipsmith launches a new cup, and Falco Torrini is Austria’s World Class bartender 2016.

Giffard Alkoholfrei

It’s (barely) summer and drinks season officially open. In celebration of that, the Street Drink Festival will be hopping around Germany to showcase the diversity found in cocktails, craft beer, lemonades, and coffee. In June the event will take place in Aachen, Bonn, and Cologne though further dates in more cities are on their way. Find more information on nomyblog here.

BrewDog Reveals Brand Identity of Lone Wolf Distillery

Several months ago BrewDog announced its plan to open a distillery, said distillery now has a name and logo. The Lone Wolf Distillery will produce vodka, gin, and whisky and is based inside BrewDog’s Ellon brewhouse. Under the management of head distiller Steven Kersely the distillery began production early April. The Spirits Business has the brand logo at the ready, it features a wolf’s head image “distilled down to its purest geometric elements” which is said to reflect “the purity of BrewDog’s products and its aim to disrupt the spirits sector” since the wolf is “an animal outside society”.

BrewDog, on point. Earlier this year, BrewDog announced that the group had raised “£19m in the fourth round of its Equity for Punks crowdfunding scheme, with some funds going towards Lone Wolf Distillery”.

Hail in Chablis, Beaujolais, and Cognac

Online wine magazine Decanter (what else would it be called?) reported that last Tuesday’s hail did some serious damage to the area’s vines. Though “full damage reports are not yet known … France’s national farming federation, FNSEA, has declared a ‘state of catastrophe’”. This is only the latest in what was already a tough growing season, several growers experienced frost damage back in April.

Upsynth’s incredibly successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Australian firm Upsynth just finished the run of its incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign. Founder Christian Greber found an old recipe of his great grandfather, which inspired him to launch a modern take on the traditional herbal spirit. Upsynth is currently available in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland but the team is hoping to go international with their new funds. Their products, Alpsider (a light sparkling apple wine) and Alpsinth 55 ( the “bartender’s spirit” made with 28 botanicals), seem to have convinced more than just one herb lover. The campaign was funded by an astonishing 796% and a total of 397.900€. One lingering question remains: will the graceful blonde in the white dress really handpick every herb? That, my friends, remains to be seen  …  

Sipsmith Launches London Cup of Summer

Drawing inspiration from punches and cups, the London-based Sipsmith Distillery just introduced the Original London Cup: a gin-based serve. The cup was designed to be served with lemonade and is infused with Earl Grey, borage, lemon verbena, and more botanicals. “According to Sipsmith, the nose offers notes of burnt orange, caramel, cucumber and tea leaves on the nose, and marmalade, herbaceous notes and cherry on the palate”.

Falco Torrini is Austria’s World Class Bartender 2016

Last week Germany founds its World Class bartender, this week it’s Austria. Falco Torrini will be headed to the Global Final in September, to compete against over 50 international bartenders. His drink, the Autumn Stormy Fizzz is made with Talisker Storm, homemade Ron Zacapa syrup, pineapple juice, and white beer, secured the path to the judges’ hearts and to Miami.


Foto: Men via Shutterstock.

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