Inventory for May 29th, 2016

Welcome back to this week’s industry news! Germany’s World Class Finale winner Noureddine Elmoussaoui is all ready to pack his bags and represent in Miami this September, a San Francisco based distillery is making vodka out of fog, and Budweiser is trying to tap into the non-alcoholic beer market.

It’s hard keeping up sometimes: between events like Stadt Land Food, Berlin Restaurant Week, and Berlin Seafood Week other, more low key festivals get somewhat lost. But worry not, that’s what we’re here for. Like every year, the Torstraßenfestival will take place from June 4th to June 5th 2016. Besides concerts and DJs, many of the street’s familiar restaurants and cafes are participating in the festivities. Have a wander, bop your head to some music, and stop by Kaffee Burger, W. Prassnik, or Sankt Oberholz while you’re at it.  

World Class Finale 2016: Noureddine Elmoussaoui is Germany’s best Bartender

After winning last week’s World Class Finale in Berlin, Noureddine Elmoussaoui is set to represent Germany against more than 50 countries at the global finale in Miami in September. The Frankfurt am Main based bartender was able to outshine his competitors with his technical know-how, charming entertainment, and a winning drink: the Natur de Terre, made on a basis of Tanqueray No. Ten, green beans, marmalade, and a hint of citrus.

Fog Vodka: Get Onboard

In hopes of creating a vodka made out of san Francisco fog, Hangar One installed mesh fog catchers (who knew that existed?)  in four iconic Bay Area locations. Lead distillery Cayley Shoemaker told that “the process of collecting fog is actually similar to the process of distilling. Taking a liquid, vaporizing it, and then collecting the vapor back to a liquid”. Shoemaker adds “the water does have a flavor and it lends something unique to the final product”. Only 2,400 bottles were produced over the six months, which is reflected in the price:  $125 a bottle.

Budweiser Taps into Non-Alcoholic Market

Budweiser’s pulling out all the stops. Shortly after its announcement that their beer will henceforth be known as “America”, Budweiser is introducing a new brew in Canada. Aptly titled Prohibition, the beer is contains no alcohol. Wade Keller, the director of corporate affairs Atlantic Canada at Labatt Breweries says “We believe the market is there, but it’s going to take something like Budweiser Prohibition Brew to convince people they’re drinking good beer”.

Right, because good beer is synonymous with Budweiser? You can’t hate on Keller’s reasoning, he hopes that people will give Prohibition a chance because of the brand name Budweiser, and that this will have a positive impact on drunk driving. To introduce the public to its newest product, “a can of Prohibition Brew will be packaged free with 24-pack bottles of regular Bud in July”.

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