Craft Beer

Friends! Welcome to this week’s inventory! We’ve got a beer by Sam Adams that’s so high in ABV that it’s been banned in 11 states and tastes more like Cognac than beer.

This time around, we have Carlsberg launching its new craft beer portfolio, BrewDog handing out free beers to encourage UK citizens to vote, Riegele releasing a new alcohol-free IPA,

Happy Thursday friends! We can all agree that the weekend starts today, yes? This week we have news of Heineken buying the remaining 50% Lagunitas stakes,

This week in beer: a craft brewery employee says being bought by a multinational is nothing like going over to the Dark Side, travelling beer canning trucks are saving small breweries,

In beer news this week Stone Brewing Berlin gets a new Vice President and General Manager,  South Florida celebrates the first ever female centric brew fest FemAle Brew Fest,

Welcome to our beer board! This week Munchies talks to a Brooklyn brewer (because, where else?!) who uses ants to make his beer sour,

Berliners are finally getting what they want: a very own Mikkeller Berlin beer bar to call their own. Located smack in the city center, a district aptly named “Mitte”,

Welcome to the week in beer! Today BrewDog kicks off their crowdfunding project to fund their hotel cum brewery project BrewDog DogHouse, Craft Bier Fest Vienna 2017 is announced,

Heeello fellow beer lovers! This week we get to pinpoint the day that European beer lost its magic hold on America, Yazan Karadsheh explains how he started his own brewery,

Hello pals! This week in our Beer, Bars, and Brewers news we’ve got a dream job (beer historian at the Smithsonian) now filled, Belgian MPs who refuse to pay for their beer (and why should they?!), and the fourth annual BeerBartenders Awards, as well as the first annual  International Beer Conference, taking place in Greece. Prost!

We be (BB) back! This week the Internet lost its collective mind over oreo beer, the Brooklyn Brewery is to stay put in its home borough of Williamsburg,

Welcome back friends! This week we take a look at the collaboration between a Chicago-based craft brewery and Fernet-Branca, how Starbucks decided to remove alcohol from their US locations, the Swedish genius who made shower beer a thing, and the Berlin-based brewery Brlo opens its restaurant and bar. Prost!