Welcome one, welcome all! This week we take a look at Scotland’s first white rum, Remy Cointreau buys a Seattle single malt whisky distillery, only French spirits are served in Paris' Syndicat Cocktail Club,

Cheers and welcome friends! We’re looking at Campari’s new bottled Negroni, a new overproof Plantation Rum, and how Qatar banned alcohol from its stadiums for the 2022 (that sounds like a lovely year, six years from now) World Cup.

Hello and welcome back to this week’s inventory! Let’s take a look at the Athens Bar Show which will take place in Athens (where else?) on November 8th and 9th, the downside of mezcal’s sudden increase in popularity,

Cheers me dears! A chill is in the air, so hunker down and read some news: This week the Lufthansa Cocktail won the German Design Awards, Nikka announced it’s German Perfect Serve 2016 winner, Disaronno throws on a coat of limited edition Etro, and a anti trump pop up mezcal bar makes the news. Enjoy!

Did you miss us? We sure missed you! But after last week’s awards and the BCB, we needed a break. But not to worry, we’re back with a vengeance! This week we take a look at Lanson’s new biodynamic Champagne,

We’re keeping it short this week, October’s a busy month y’all! Speaking of, take a look at Ukraine’s international bar show Barometer, taking place later this month, Diageo got into the autumnal spirit and decided to launch a pumpkin spice baileys, and the Berlin cocktail institution Victoria bar celebrated its 15th anniversary this week. Cheers to that!

In this week’s news we’ve got the launch of Maker’s Mark in the UK, the Bar Awards Hong Kong release their top ten list, and we take a look at the second annual Barra México.