It’s that time of year again, the leaves are turning from green to brown and an inky, blue light has settled over the city at dusk. Not to worry, MIXOLOGY BAR WEEK is here to lighten up the tristesse of Berlin’s late fall.
With every passing year Berlin’s bar culture grows and attracts more and more bar professionals, cocktail enthusiasts and barflies. Specifically the month of October has become a popular attraction, not least due to Bar Convent Berlin. This year, we’re very proud to present the MIXOLOGY BAR WEEK.
Before we talk about the week of Berlin’s liquid events we’d like to start off with some grub. Kreuzberg’s Markhalle Neun is the scene of the inaugural event of the “Stadt, Land, Food” festival. Beginning October 2nd the festival runs until the 5th and will emphasize all things related to good food culture. Expect to try spirits knead bread dough, and find yourself surrounded by others who love food as much as you do.
On October 4th and 5th rum expert Dirck Becker will hold the German Rum Festival as a sort of prelude to BCB. The festival will offer unique insights into rum’s diversity through tasting rooms and a newly built, round bar specifically for micro and craft distillers.
On October 5th visitors can experience tiki bar culture right in Berlin. Located in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg Badfish Bar will be home to colorful cocktails garnished with paper umbrellas.
That same night, October 5th, Absolut Vodka invites you to “Night of the Crafts”. Frederik Knüll and Steffen Zimmermann will be creating modern craft cocktails while Axel Klubescheidt delivers the tunes at the Le Raclette Bar .
Bar Convent Berlin Events
The 6th of October is home to two events. The Grand Hyatt Hotel will be hosting the 8th MIXOLOGY BAR AWARDS while external barflies can enjoy a live stream of the awards at THE MIXOLOGY MARKET , located at Station Berlin. The Meet’n’Greet will offer Bar Week’s visitors the opportunity to try drinks at 20 bars with some of the most renowned international and German bartenders behind the stick. On top of that the great people behind Marktalle Neun’s Big Smoked BBQ will provide delicious street food at the event. The market begins at 8 p.m., tickets are 5 Euros at the door or included with a Bar Convent Berlin ticket.
Which leads us to Bar Convent Berlin 2014, held from October 7th to 8th, with the United States as this years’ guest country. Several top-notch American bartenders will fly in to offer visitors the chance to taste the diverse range of bourbon, rye, and craft beers. Various tastings and program points, such as Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s lecture on bar technique, will center around everything brewed and distilled stemming from North America.
This years’ Bar Convent Berlin emphasizes Brew Berlin, Mixology’s partner beer blog, more than ever before. Its Craft Beer Bar will offer fresh beers from startup breweries while the most well-known breweries are set to present their newest creations at their respective stalls.
Agave Spirit Awards, Distillery Tours & Aftershow Parties
For the first time ever, the Agave Spirit Awards will be held in Europe. The two organizers have spent the last decade training industry professionals and journalists, arranging trips to Mexico, organizing tastings and distributing products in 17 European countries. Feeling like an evaluative tool was missing they’ve launched an initiative to become the first European spirit competition that solely focuses on certified agave products. The award and survey results will be announced in a ceremony on the 7th of October at Bar Convent Berlin.
On October 7th and 8th Our Berlin Vodka will be offering distillery tours at 18.30, 19.30, 20.30, and 21.30. Pernod Ricard will be bringing some of the best international bartenders to Berlin to create cocktails on the 7th of October at the Bar am Lützowplatz, beginning at 21.00.
Also on October 7th Beluga Noble Russian Vodka presents an Aftershow Party at the Dean Club, starting at 22.00. For more tips on Berlin bar nights have a look at our Mixology Bar Guide, and follow Mixology Bar Week on social media using the hashtag #MixologyBarWeek.


Foto: Berlin via Shutterstock, Post-Produktion: Tim Klöcker

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