Distill Ventures at Bar Convent – The Highlights

Without question, the BrandStarter campaign from the business experts at Distill Ventures was one of the industry-insider highlights at this years Bar Convent Berlin event.  Here we give you an overview of the most important topics and opinions from the workshops.

As always, the 2015 Bar Convent Berlin was again a melting pot of ideas, passion and communication. No one will have left the Station Berlin venue uninspired by the constant stream of new concepts for enhancing the bar and beverages industry at this year’s BCB.

The Distill Ventures BrandStarter event at this year’s BCB hosted a series of unique workshops for anyone tired of simply watching others create new impulses and brands in the world of spirits and ready to launch a new product themselves. Distill Ventures is perhaps the world’s most experienced center of excellence for the concept development and creation of exciting, innovative new liquor and beverages brands. The experts at Distill Ventures offer a concentrated knowledge base in the business, coupled with a bar industry network spanning the globe.

From start to finish Creating a new brand!

BrandStarter’s aim at the BCB was to connect interested start-up entrepreneurs with experienced brand creators who can provide insights into how to take the right initial steps in creating new brands.

Several talks and workshops were held featuring some of the most successful brand creators in recent years giving valuable tips and advice to young entrepreneurs. Monkey 47 co-founder Alexander Stein emphasized a fundamental must for any spirit that, in his view, is often overlooked: quality! For Stein, the quality of what’s in the bottle is the most important attribute of all, and the only one that truly leaves a lasting impression. Alexander is therefore a true proponent of patience, research and self-criticism when it comes to the product.

But you need more than just a great product

Anyone starting a new company is obviously enthusiastic about their product. But Maximilian Wagner from Belsazar Vermouth reminded attendees that despite all the excitement, it is essential right from the start to clarify less sexy factors such as taxes and other official charges, along with considerations about what’s appropriate for the brand. This often requires the help of external specialists, but the price you could pay later on for failing to get all your ducks in a row at the start could be a nasty surprise indeed.

For Stephan Berg from The Bitter Truth, authenticity is another aspect worth focusing on. He stressed that when it comes to establishing a credible brand “Being new and local isn’t good enough”, nor is simply having an impressive website. Alex Stein went on to liken a new brand to a new baby, stressing that entrepreneurs need to be conscious of just how time-consuming taking care of their “baby” is going to be.

The beginning of the beginning

Getting a new brand off the ground is always a herculean undertaking, even if you’re starting small. The experts at Distill Ventures will continue to support new entrants to the game. Readers interested in following up on the BrandStarter initiative can also visit the website to find more info on the seminars from the 2015 BCB. And don’t worry, they won’t be the last ones!